Anyone watching the Eclipse now?

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As some of you know I'm into cryptos now. I'm HODL-ing the following cryptos: XRP, IOTA, ADA, PWR, TRX, XLM, SL, and XEM.

Just last night, I read about GOLEM coin and I must say it is veeeery fascinating and could revolutionise the world.

To put it simply, every user can join their GOLEM network. And every user's devices (computer, laptop, .etc which the golem software is installed on) will form together to become a supercomputer.

I am intrigued by its idea because it can be used to do 3D…

GOLEM Coin ^(

Weiss Rating – February 2018

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Hieee! Happy weekends all :)

Found this shared among crypto groups. So I figured that I might as well share it with BHW.

View attachment 100935 ^(

Sorry for the small image size. The HD images were removed before I could save it. So this is just the thumbnail (?) image size. But it is still readable.


Though frankly speaking, the Weiss rating report wouldn't have much impact. Meh!

P.S: Time for my Sunday brunch and wine out!

Binance’s Community Vote – Feb 2018 – Concluded

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  1. Elastos (150288 votes)
  2. Wepower (59358 votes)
  3. Zilliqa (18339 votes)
  4. Dent (2898 votes)

This is, perhaps, the most controversial community vote. Many users posted in various crypto subreddits that WePower was leading by 4K votes at one point, only to be overtaken by Elastos by 7K votes within hours.

Even the previous winner of the community vote, XRB (Raiblocks or Nano), only received 4K+ votes.


Now it isn't just…

Binance's Community Vote – Feb 2018 – Concluded ^(

DENT coin – The Next Big Thing!

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I found this high potential coin during new year (4-5 days ago) and bought it at a very low price of $0.02ish (0.000 00156). It started going up slowly.

I later told others about this coin in a thread ^(, so I will just paste over what I've written about this coin:

Website: ^(

It is still in its…

DENT coin – The Next Big Thing! ^(

Does Ranking Return After G. Penalty Is Lifted?

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So in last week's G's Algo update, one of my website was penalised. I submitted a reconsideration request and it was approved.

So my question is do the ranking usually go back to where it was? As this is my first, I'm clueless about it.

Can anyone speak or share their experience?