a few new channels with the same niche as my channel are blowing up why?

Written by  on April 20, 2018

So Just like the title says. lately I see channels with the same niche as I, are blowing up even though they started doing it after me ?? its really discouraging. and no its not the content quality , Mine's are way better . and I did everything possible in the SEO and even my thumbnails are so much better.

They are getting like 200k views average in every videos they upload and meanwhile I struggle to get 1k…..

is Country targeted views worth it?

Written by  on April 17, 2018

so just like the Title says does buying country targeted views worth it compare to the random (Russia , India , Ukraine) cheaper ones?

how many views will get my videos viral?

Written by  on April 16, 2018

how many views do i need to buy to get my video viral in my genre , Considering its a great video and people will like it

SMM Panels vs SeoClerks services

Written by  on April 12, 2018

I am very new to these view bots and buying views kinda thing , was wonder which was more cost efficient and higher quality at the same price range.

I bought a few views from seoclerks the range was like 10k views for 5$ or something with a 90% average retention .

all of the views says was from suggest videos I have no idea if its good or not.
And came from mostly Russia , India, Ukraine and a few other third world countries.
The views were always dropping but they kept refilling and…

SMM Panels vs SeoClerks services ^(