Mancar’s ULTIMATE Clickbank Guide

Written by  on February 8, 2018

I originally wrote this for my affiliates as part of the info-emails I send to my list. However, I thought I should share it here too, for a couple of reasons:

1. I'm approaching my 2,000 post and people tend to post something special at these kinds of milestones
2. I've always found a lot of support over here, so it is only fair I give back as much as possible
3. It would make my life easier, as each time I get a PM asking how to get started with CB, I'll be able to just send them this…

Mancar's ULTIMATE Clickbank Guide ^(

How to Choose CB products for Newbies – a 5 minute guide

Written by  on February 7, 2018


Clickbank is an extremely undervalued goldmine, and I constantly read over here, or get messages, from people who are 'thinking' of starting with CB. Unfortunately, when I check back on these people a few weeks later, they are still 'thinking' about it, or they gave up before they started.

It is extremely EASY for anyone to make a good income with CB…the mistake most people make is not to give it a proper try.

Most suffer from "paralysis by analysis", i.e. they…

How to Choose CB products for Newbies – a 5 minute guide ^(