Alternatives to Adsense?

Written by  on July 22, 2018

How do I Grab These Games?

Written by  on April 16, 2018

Hi guys,

I noticed lot of games websites rip games from other sites. My question is, how do I get any of these games on to my WP site…https://www.starwarsgamesonline.com/ ^(http://www.technopriest.org/goto/https://www.starwarsgamesonline.com/)

Thanks for your help in advance,


Are WP Jetpack Ads Worth Doing?

Written by  on April 12, 2018

I get quiet a lot of traffic to my site and I'm using Adsense. I just wanted to know if any of you guys have had any experience using WordPress Jetpack Ads. Are they worth doing? Do they pay more than Adsense?

Thanks guys,

James :)

Is Anyone Pumped for the new Star Wars Han Solo Movie?

Written by  on April 11, 2018

I know a lot of you guys are Sci Fi fans here and I wanted to ask if you are hyped for the latest Star Wars Movie consideribg the lameness of the last one.

James :)

Best WP Plugins in 2018?

Written by  on March 30, 2018

Hey guys,

I know, this one crops up time and time again, but I think it's relevant because as you all know, what works in IM one year, may not the next, so my question is the old classic: what are your favourite plugins n 2018?

Cheers guys,

James :)

Are RSS feeds bad for SEO?

Written by  on March 24, 2018

Hey guys,

I'm thinking about having a "news from around the web" section on my website from a RSS feed from Google news (in my niche) for some extra content. Wouldn't doing that constitute duplicate content in google's eyes? I do have a ton of my own original content that I update daily. I'd just like a little news section for my readers, but is it worth it?

Thanks for your time,

James :)

Change Country Address Within Adsense?

Written by  on March 2, 2018

Hey guys,

Sorry mods if this is in the wrong place. I wasn't sure where this one should go.

My Adsense account was created when I lived in Belgium some years ago and I left it unused for around eight years. Now I have moved back to the UK I have started to use it again. I need to change my contact details on the account so I can get paid into my UK bank. The problem is that there is nowhere I can change my country of residence and it says payments must be to a Belgian bank. I have looked…

Change Country Address Within Adsense? ^(http://www.technopriest.org/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/change-country-address-within-adsense.1012474/)

Games/Puzzle Plugins?

Written by  on February 22, 2018

Hey guys,

I do a lot of quizzes on my website and the users seem to love them, trouble is they are very time consuming to research and write, so I was thinking of adding puzzles or flash games to the site to keep them occupied. I have looked online, but I can't find many plugins for this. The ones I found are all out of date. Do you guys have any ides of where to find such plugins?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

James :)