Adwords has banned cryptocurrencies

Written by  on March 14, 2018

Effective June ^(

Google to Ban Ads for Cryptocurrencies
New policy follows Facebook’s lead, takes effect in June

Google is following Facebook ’s FB lead by banning ads for cryptocurrencies and other “speculative financial products” across its advertising platforms.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google said the new policy will become effective in June across ads bought on its search and display-advertising network,…

Adwords has banned cryptocurrencies ^(

Google images and the generation of entitlement

Written by  on February 19, 2018

Have you been following the google images change crybabies on Reddit ^(

So let's summarize what this entitlement generation wants:

  • They like to spend money on gaming pcs, Macbooks and overpriced coffee. (BTW it's not real coffee, it's some shit with cream and drawings on it)
  • They don't like to see ads because apparently they are entitled to get our work for free
  • They don't…

Google images and the generation of entitlement ^(

Fooling around with Googlebot’s javascript engine

Written by  on February 7, 2018

Very interesting post at ^(

Googlebot's javascript engine has some quirks. For instance its clock runs faster, so it doesn't have to wait as much.

I guess I've found a way to spend my next 6 hours, messing with Googlebot's JS engine for fun and profit.