Adwords – Anyone Doing “Hack” Niches?

Written by  on June 2, 2018


Recently, I've been trying hack niche with Adwords and get one approved. Tried to do it another time and get suspended insantly after putting my campaign (though the account was working great).

I think it comes from keywords , since my LP is fully cloacked and also from the "Bot" of Adwords.
My account have real payment options.

Anyone in this kind of niche can help me? Please PM me out of the look of Adwords.

Any proxy for Adwords?

Written by  on June 1, 2018

We have already Suspicious payment problelm that can happens with real card. So if we add to this Circumventing system it's really frustating, from my test it's VPN and VPS that makes that, anyone know a good proxy provider that bypass Adwords? That could be useful for all of us. Thanks!

Google Adwords Weird Error – Any help?

Written by  on May 26, 2018

Yesterday I setup an account, make a BH ads(with cloaking ofc), so everything goes well, account running great, all ads are approved btw, no impressions/clicks. Was like wtf its under review thing, but no, I click on the bubble to see diagnostic and see :
"We currently can't determine why your ad isn't showing."
Anyone know how to fix this? We're week end and cannot call adwords ..
My CPCmax is 0.10$ more than the CPC for first page, my account diagnostic tell me a score of 100..

Google Adwords Weird Error – Any help? ^(

[WTB] Debit or credit card with 2$ on it

Written by  on May 21, 2018

I need a debit card or credit card provider with only 2$ on it, I will need several card per week.
It's for BingAds Churn and Burn account.

How did you rank your videos?

Written by  on May 12, 2018

I want to get back to the Youtube Game.
I add 20k to my videos, 600 likes, 200 shares, 10 comments, and still not getting a single rank. (It's been 2 days though)

When I check at "this month" I see video with 400 views ranking over me. And the first one have only 10k views with 250 likes and no comment.

Whats the problem there? Did youtube now takes time to rank a video? It takes some days to update rank? Or is there a new ranking factor?

Thanks you very much ! :) Payment Proof

Written by  on March 2, 2018

Hi everyone, I'll show you my current PPI network.
They can pay everyday and have good rates for Tiers 1.
I was scared about payment first because they're new in the industry but they pay everyday so I was okay.
I have good ratio with them (1:2), so even if they're not paying 3$ per install, I make more money because of bunch of installs! :D
This is my statistics for today :

View attachment 83179 ^(

And this is payment proof :

View attachment 83180 ^(

If you want to see them rates… Payment Proof ^(