recover from omitted result

Written by  on May 31, 2018

i have lost of keywords on google first page but when i search for it then it dosent shows any result.then i click on omitted result then its available so pls suggest me any information .how to recover from omitted result error.

give me solution how to overcome my website from omitted result??

Hello Fellows Marketers I’m New Here

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Hello friends and entrepreneurs my name is Prince Samuels. I'm new here and hoping to learn from the pros here as a newbie. I will do my best to participate when time permit. Thank you

Real Estate / Home Niche – Need Help w/ Link Building, Guest Posts, Expired Domains for Private PBN

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Hi there,

I'm new on BHW, but looking to beef up my real estate money site (similar to this site: "highest cash offer DOT com")

Currently interested in:

  • Guest posts on real blogs and outreach
  • Building a truly private PBN on a relevant expired domain with good backlinks and no spam history
  • Broken link building

If you can help with any of these link building services, please PM me your details.


Twerk Niche Website – feedback please

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:)Greeting everyone:)
I looking to get some feedback on my website
I sell twerk videos by girls I contract. The girls dance in legging, shorts, no nudity and I sell the videos in a bundle of 14 videos for 49.99. Low traffic to my site, a few people register, and only 2 buyer in 4 months. Thinking about doing affiliate marketing program for sales on my site, but unsure what % they would get.
If you have any advice on how to make it better I would love to here it….

Twerk Niche Website – feedback please ^(

Need to know the best strategies on how to run a google approved news website

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I have a news approved website ready for getting published. I need to know that what should be the keyword strategy and SEO technique as I am unable to find one.

How do I stop WordPress brute force bots? Need help!!

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One of my WordPress sites has been getting flooded by bots trying to brute force into my /wp-login.php page for over 2 days now. They haven't been able to do so yet because I have the WordFence plug-in installed that has a firewall which has been blocking failed login attempts right as they happen but this is not stopping them from trying.

I also used the Hide my WP plug-in to change the /wp-login.php page to a different URL so every time someone visits the /wp-login.php page it leads to a…

How do I stop WordPress brute force bots? Need help!! ^(

Are there any Adsense alternatives which pays by CPM?

Written by  on May 31, 2018

I was using Instant Article for my website and FB traffic before FB decided to purge a lot of publishers even including pages with 20 million+ likes. I am trying to get access again but I don't think they are not even reviewing any applications right now. I think I won't be able to get back in for a few months or worse 2019.
I have Adsense on my site but I never got cpc more than 0.4-0.5$ even though 60-70% of my traffic is USA and 10-15% other Tier 1 countries. I tried many things but I…

Are there any Adsense alternatives which pays by CPM? ^(

Recommendation for adult video cloud storage for streaming/sharing?

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Hi all

I am looking to get some recommendations regarding adult video cloud storage for streaming/sharing.

I have used openload to embed videos on my website and though it's free and easy to use, popup ads and inactive file deletion are very annoying.

Have also tried google drive, drop box, one drive and mega and they are very easy to use but I am pretty sure sharing/streaming adult videos are against their rules and videos will be deleted sooner than later.

And VPS hosting/dedicated…

Recommendation for adult video cloud storage for streaming/sharing? ^(