I need your excuse…

Written by  on February 28, 2018

Hey guys!

I need your Black Hat Mind because I order a proxy server from a freelancer. My VPS provider can give me external IPs but they told me that they are not allowed to give them like that (I asked for 70).

They told me that there's an organization (RIPE) which is very strict and they just allow external IPs for technical services. So they asked why do I need them for?

I tried to be White Hat and tell them that I run accounts on Social Media for Clients and I wanted to assign 1 IP…

I need your excuse… ^(http://www.technopriest.org/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/i-need-your-excuse.1011756/)

How to do my Amazon affiliate website structure?

Written by  on February 28, 2018

I'm working on starting my amazon affiliate site and I don't want to make any mistake that will cost me months of working just for 1 little thing.

I need help on how to structure my site. Lets just say I'm trying to rank for "beard trimmers" how should I structure it?

www.mysite.com/category/beard-trimmers ^(http://www.technopriest.org/goto/http://www.mysite.com/category/beard-trimmers)
www.mysite.com/beard-trimmers ^(http://www.technopriest.org/goto/http://www.mysite.com/beard-trimmers)

Also how should my tittle be for my main…

How to do my Amazon affiliate website structure? ^(http://www.technopriest.org/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/how-to-do-my-amazon-affiliate-website-structure.1012034/)

The Sleeping Giant

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WaltonChain: Connecting Era of digitized reliability. The real internet of things and big data.

Xu Fangcheng(Founder)- Chinese, graduated in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management Director of Septwolves Group Ltd.

Du Xianghe(Co-founder)- Korean, Vice Chairman of the China – Korea Cultural Exchange Development Committee (a proprietary institution of President Moon Jae-in), Director of the Korea Standard Products…

The Sleeping Giant ^(http://www.technopriest.org/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/the-sleeping-giant.994606/)

Journey to $1000/month – Location Independence & Freedom

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Hey guys I'm in my mid 20's living in western Europe. My goal is to make $1000/month, move to a cheaper country somewhere in southern Europe and enjoy life.

I am still learning about IM and Affiliate marketing. I've tried content locking with Ogads. But in 2 months I only made $12.

I quit that project. I've got a new project now.

Made a new website with 6 CPA offers. Each offer generates $1 – $2 on conversion. – promoting sweepstakes.

What I've done so far:

1. Finished the website…

Journey to $1000/month – Location Independence & Freedom ^(http://www.technopriest.org/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/journey-to-1000-month-location-independence-freedom.1012033/)

A good place to buy aged domains?

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I need some aged domains that will not reset their reg date when transferred to my account.

Anyone knows a good place to get em?


[QUESTION] How do i resurrect a trend?

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Like I wrote in the title, I would like to ask how can I resurrect a trend that was quite popular before but now has died, something like VINE, but it's not in that niche is just to use as an example, or like Nike that is reviving some 90's shoes to the kids now.

Bulk Domain

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Hello Guys,

I want to buy 1000 bulk domain preferably to be on adult, but is no problem when you have custom domain. I wait your offer.

Business Account vs Personal

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Has anyone done long tests on whether or not Instagram reduces your visibility, reach, and impressions if you have a business account as opposed to a personal one?

Are there other analytics tools that can be used if I swapped back to a personal account so that I could see where the impressions, reach, and engagement are coming from?


buy domain from 1and1?

Written by  on February 28, 2018

Anyone ever had any issues with buying .com domains from https://www.1and1.com/ ^(http://www.technopriest.org/goto/https://www.1and1.com/?)?

Help me out with this problem

Written by  on February 28, 2018

So I dont use any bots to grow my account, I do it all ' fair ' and I am growing my account 100% organically by hand.
One of the methods I use is the follow unfollow strategy, this has been working fairly well until recently my ' following ' count stopped going up when I follow people. It is as if the system does not let the follow go through, it is extremely frustrating as I wasnt able to grow for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes it does go through but most of the time it doesnt.

Has any of…

Help me out with this problem ^(http://www.technopriest.org/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/help-me-out-with-this-problem.1012012/)